How do I get a lush, green lawn? How often should I mow my lawn? When is the best time to fertilise and scarify – and whats the best method? Find useful information and ideas on the subject of lawn and garden care in our practical guides.

Want to make your neighbor jealous of your lawn? Our gardening expert Jérôme Staehle provides useful tips to get your lawn in peak condition.

What kind of lawn for which purpose?

Not all lawns are the same. There are many different grass-seed mixtures to choose from, and just as many usescases for them! to select the best suited grass type, the most important factor to consider – along with location and soil condition – is how you intend to use your lawn. Confused? Don’t worry: we’ll introduce you to the three main types of lawn.

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Find the perfect lawn mower

5 tips for the right choice

Identify a good lawn mower to choose exactly the one you need.

If you own a garden with a lawn, a lawn mower is an essential part of your equipment.
But what kind of mower do you need? And which features should the machine offer? Here you’ll get five tips to help you make the right choice.

Our pledge to the highest quality

Electric, petrol or battery-powered lawn mower?

If a mower is to fit your needs, you should choose a cutting width appropriate for your garden size. A good rule of thumb: Battery and electric lawn mowers are compact, lightweight and recommended for small to medium sized lawns. Battery-powered lawn mower are especially suited for gardens with obstacles such as trees, flower beds or ponds. Petrol lawn mowers are best for areas from 700 up to 2,500 m².

After all, who want to buy a new lawn mower every few year?

That’s why quality should be your top priority when it gets to choosing the right
lawn mower. The cutting-blade needs to be robust, drive-system and transmission must be designed for decades of use. SABO mowers pass numerous endurance tests and procedures during the development phase in order to meet these requirements.

No matter whether electric or petrol-powered:

If you want to enjoy your new lawn mower for a long time, you should be able to rely on its longevity. Therefore, make sure you know the details of the warranty conditions before you buy.

SABO provides a 15-year warranty on the aluminium chassis of the red mowers (in accordance with SABO warranty conditions).

Before buying a lawn mower, make sure that spare parts availability is assured and check where you can get them. Avoid cheap “pirated products” in any case – their use can backfire!

Did you know? SABO spare parts are available for at least 10 years beyond discontinuation of a production series.

The best place to get a quality lawn mower is a specialized dealership, they provide professional advice and run you through all benefits of the different products.

According to this principle, SABO lawn mowers are traditionally sold through trained and authorized dealers.

Your specialized SABO dealer has exclusive access to all of our spare parts, even years after the discontinuation of a production series,- you can count on a secure supply of spare parts. If after many years of use, a part of your SABO machine does fail, a specalist dealer can fix it – quick and reliable. SABO dealers also offer various inspections – contact them about the different services.

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