The petrol mower is suited to lawns from 700 to 2,500 square metres. It also copes effortlessly with gradients. SABO offers models with cutting widths between 40 and 54 centimetres. In combination with the powerful yet economical petrol engines, efficient mowing is guaranteed. For areas with extensive trees, the petrol mower is preferable to a corded electric mower due to its greater mobility. If you cut your lawn infrequently, you should ideally opt for a model with a side discharge: it can easily cope with tall grass.

Mutares SE & Co. KGaA (ISIN: DE000A2NB650) signed an agreement to acquire SABO Maschinenfabrik GmbH in June 2020. The transaction is expected to close on Sept. 1, 2020.

Prior to the closing of the transaction, the previous SABO Managing Director Mr Christoph Büscher has decided to hand over the management of SABO Maschinenfabrik GmbH as of 31.08.2020 and to devote himself to a new challenge. The company would like to expressly thank Mr Büscher for his work over the past years. Upon closing of the transaction, Mr Fatmir Veselaj of Mutares will take over the management as an interim solution. During the next months, the new management will drive the restructuring of the company with the support and expertise of the Mutares consulting team and in close cooperation with the local employees. Together with all partners, the new management will set the course for a sustainable growth of the brand.

The high-quality professional tools for garden and landscape maintenance score points with the advantages of environmentally friendly and user-friendly battery technology.

With the professional rechargeable tools from SABO you have ideal partners for successful work. That’s because the battery drive gives you power, flexibility and reliability to perform well in all tasks. All rechargeable devices work with the identical, powerful battery, are absolutely weatherproof and therefore ready for use in any season, in any weather. This means that with the SABO battery system you have the right professional tool at hand for all your work.

Thanks to the Power Unit a quick battery change is possible and with a full battery charge the professional user can work between 18 and 90 minutes depending on the product.

The 36-volt lithium-ion battery has a standard interface and therefore fits every tool in the SABO professional battery product line consisting of lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters and a leaf blower.

The powerful lithium-ion battery with 40 volts and 6A or 4A delivers power for excellent cutting results and can be easily removed for charging. The modern rechargeable technology is a clear plus for the environment, as no exhaust gases or local emissions are produced – but also for the ears, because the brushless electric motor operates extremely quietly and energy-efficiently.

To start, simply press and hold the start button and tighten the safety bar – and your SABO cordless mower is ready for powerful cutting work. Thanks to the powerful battery technology, the blade speed of SABO cordless mowers is higher than that of petrol mowers, for example.

This not only gives you an excellent cutting pattern, but also a completely full catcher bag, as the grass cuttings are optimally collected.

Proper lawn care begins even before mowing: the first verticutting at the beginning of the growing season in spring carefully removes the felt of manure residues, old leaves, moss or weeds. SABO verticutters scarify the ground to a depth of millimetres with their blades, pull the dead parts out of the ground and, if necessary, transport them into the collecting bag, which is available as an accessory. On the one hand, this creates space for grasses to grow again and, on the other, ensures that the grass roots are supplied with sufficient air, water and nutrients. With a final scarifying pass in autumn, you can optimally prepare your lawn for the winter break.

Verticut – relax – marvel.

After scarifying, the combed-through lawn initially seems less lush. But do not worry – it needs a few weeks rest after the procedure to regenerate. The powerful nutrient supply in combination with the new fresh air supply works wonders.

Verticutting is the process of scarifying the turf of a lawn to remove mulch (old clippings) and moss and to promote aeration of the soil. The original English expression is composed of the words vertical and to cut.

The first verticutting is recommended in spring between mid-April and the beginning of May, as the lawn is ready for regeneration after this time. The soil is cut millimetres deep by sharp, staggered knife discs. The unwanted lawn thatch and dead grasses are pulled out of the ground. In the case of devices with a collecting bag, the material is collected directly.

When scarifying, some grasses that are not firmly rooted are also torn out. For this reason, freshly laid lawns must not be scarified.

Regular verticutting is just as important as mowing and fertilizing in keeping an attractive lawn healthy.

In our latitudes, verticutting can be carried out from April to September, depending on the weather conditions. Our tip: The lawn starts to grow at a soil temperature of approx. 8° C. Verticutting then makes sense.

Scarifying in the autumn is also recommended. The lawn is thus made fit once again before the winter and unwanted moss that has grown in the summer is removed. The following steps should be followed:

Before scarifying, the lawn is mowed as deep as possible.

A cutting height of 4 cm is ideal.

Please make sure that the ground is well dried. Verticutting is so much easier. The machine is protected and the scarified grooves are not stepped on.

The working depth to be set on the scarifier depends on the extent of the matted area, the degree of soil compaction and the age of the lawn. This is how the correct working depth is determined:

Place the machine on the lawn. The blades should just touch the ground.

Now drive the scarifier back and forth on the lawn for a short distance with the motor running. Change the working depth in such a way that the knives cut right at ground level. Now the blades of the scarifier are in the starting position to set the working depth.

The depth of cut is about 3 mm for a well-kept lawn and about 5 mm for an overgrown lawn.

Whether it’s a cold winter or a wet spring, a steep slope or rough terrain: professional work in the great outdoors follows its own laws. Efficient, high quality lawn mowers that are comfortable to operate and will remain loyal to the gardening professional for many years are essential.

Premium manufacturer SABO has been meeting the challenges of everyday professional life for over 60 years. The Gummersbach-based company stocks lawn and mulch mowers with petrol engines as well as a rechargeable battery system, which also ranges from lawn mowers to brush cutters, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers. SABO relies on the environmentally friendly and user-friendly battery technology from Bosch. All professional tools are equipped for long-term use and convince with the highest quality – here it is the gardener who decides when it’s time to call it a day, not the machine.

Put through its paces

Before a SABO prototype is ready for series production, it must successfully pass a large number of tests. These tests ensure that the devices are up to the challenges of daily outdoor use. In the vibrating grate test, for example, the mower is simulated driving on a very uneven terrain. The high load capacity made by SABO is ensured here by the solid metal wheels of the professional mowers from Gummersbach. In the ball impact test, steel balls are fired into the running blade of the mower to test the material strength of the blade and chassis. Thanks to such test procedures, it can be ensured that gardeners and landscapers can work with the equipment for many years.

Power for long working days

Thanks to the high quality requirements that SABO places on its own equipment, it is durable and designed for a long working day. A 4,000 m2 meadow can be easily conquered with a SABO professional mower: The petrol mowers with 6-litre tank capacity, for example, mow for up to eight hours at a time. The environmentally friendly alternative also has power: a lawn area of 1,500 m2 can be mowed with a single charge of a SABO Profi rechargeable battery mower. Thanks to the exchangeable battery in the luggage, almost uninterrupted work is guaranteed. In the meantime, the flexible, location-independent and mains-independent power unit ensures that the discharged battery is fully recharged within 42 minutes.

Comfort and safety for enduring professionals

SABO mowers bring the necessary power for a long working day and at the same time are equipped with important gadgets that make the machine very easy to operate. For example, the handlebar of the petrol mowers can be adjusted to your own height in just a few simple steps. In addition, almost all SABO Profi models are equipped with the AVS™ anti-vibration system as standard, which keeps vibrations low during work and enables continuous use. SABO rechargeable mowers are also inherently low-vibration.

The practical engine brake of the SABO 54-PRO K VARIO B PLUS petrol mower also ensures comfortable and safe working: When the safety bar is released, the blade stops within seconds while the petrol mower’s engine continues to run. With drive support, the journey to the collection bag emptying point is possible without great effort. And to ensure that the garden professional only has to empty the catcher bag as rarely as possible, the SABO rear discharge mowers 47 PRO and 54 PRO are equipped with TurboStar™ technology: The dry or damp clippings are completely transported into the catcher bag via a separate fan. This ensures that it is always optimally filled and only needs to be emptied when it is really full.

With the practical accessories, a professional rear discharge mower or cordless mower can be quickly converted into a mulching mower. This gives the gardener and landscaper two tools in one.

For winding lawns, the battery-powered brushcutters provide the final lawn cut. After the work on the lawn is done, the hedge trimmers come into play. The three models with robust magnesium housing differ in their cutting length and tooth opening and are therefore suitable for either fine cutting or rough cutting of a hedge. To save yourself a little work, after the hedge trimmer you can now use the leaf blower with its two different nozzles. With a blowing force of up to 17 N, the cuttings are quickly piled up and can be removed.