Bei der SABO-Maschinenfabrik GmbH aus Gummersbach trifft Tradition gerade auf Veränderung. Seit ihrem Verkauf an die Münchner Beteiligungsgesellschaft Mutares werden bei dem Spezialisten für handgeführte Rasenmäher neue Wege eingeschlagen. Was seit über 65 Jahren gut ist, soll noch besser werden. „Ich möchte SABO wieder dorthin führen, wo es hingehört“, sagt Geschäftsführer Fatmir Veselaj. Im Interview mit Wirtschaftsforum erklärt er, wie das vonstattengehen soll. Zum Interview


Not all lawns are created equal. Because there are at least as many different seed mixtures as there are uses for them. When selecting the right grass seed, apart from location and soil condition, the most important factor to consider is how you intend to use your lawn. Confused? Don’t worry: we will briefly introduce you to the three most important types of lawn.


Ornamental Lawn

Ornamental lawns or English lawns are primarily intended for representational purposes and are therefore suitable for house and front gardens. It is dense, fine-leaved and delights its owners with a lush green. However, it is not very resilient. It may be walked on, but playing children or frolicking dogs quickly put an end to it. Its growth rate is low – its maintenance requirements, on the other hand, are high. Frequent mowing is required as well as verticutting, watering and fertilising. Its ideal cutting height is 5 cm.

Play and Utility Turf

This popular lawn variety is the “all-rounder” among the lawn varieties. It is ideally suited for home gardens, public grounds, lawns or housing estates. The variety “RSM 2.3 Utility-Play Turf” is particularly popular with gardeners. It is robust, resilient and stress resistant – even to drought. Play and utility turf grows medium strong, dense and is usually short cut tolerant. The maintenance effort depends on the load, but is comparatively low. The optimum cutting height is 3.5 to 5 cm.

Sports Turf

Turf on sports fields must withstand high loads. The sports turf mixtures therefore use the particularly tread-resistant and regenerative grasses German ryegrass and meadow grass. With the addition of water and fertiliser, this turf can develop a hardy grain that can withstand extreme stresses such as regular football games. It is also resistant to weeds. However, this type of lawn is rarely used in gardens due to its rather rustic appearance. Its ideal cutting height is 4 to 5 cm.

More colour in the garden: the flower meadow

Why just a lawn? Why not also create a bed with a flower meadow? With its diversity of species, it is pretty to look at and becomes a valuable biotope for small animals and insects such as butterflies, wild bees and bumblebees. Maintenance is relatively low: mowing twice a year is sufficient; fertilizer is applied only when necessary. In specialist shops you will find flower meadow mixtures that are adapted to the different types of soil. And our side discharge mowers ensure the perfect cut.
4-5cm cutting height