The COMPACT Line. Genuine quality by SABO.

Available as petrol, battery or electric mowers


Powerful engine with Ready-Start.


Practical carrying handle

Robust aluminium chassis with 15-year warranty

Central height adjustment


Height adjustable handle


TurboStarTM system


High quality one-piece cutting blade

The COMPACT Line is designed for those who value functional and sustainable design. The classic lawn mowers with proven SABO quality ensure that your lawn looks even better.

The COMPACT Line mowers are not just any lawn mowers – they are living legends. Our best selling models, they function perfectly for decades and are genuinely sustainable thanks to their practical design, high-quality materials and reliable supply of spare parts. This is proof of our Made in Gummersbach passion.


  • 1. Powerful motor with Ready-Start
  • 2. Practical carrying handle
  • 3. Robust aluminium housing with 15-year warranty
  • 4. Central height adjustment
  • 6. TurboStar™ system
  • 7. High quality one-piece cutting blade

Technical data

Petrol Lawn Mowers

Petrol lawn mowers can play to their strengths in any garden: whether small or large, flat or sloping. With a variety of different equipment, there is something for every requirement. SABO petrol lawn mowers are an ideal choice for gardens with slopes – in combination with the SABO VARIO Drive for easier work even on terrain with a steep incline.

For gardens with many trees, a petrol lawn mower is also undoubtedly more practical than a corded mower. If you rarely mow your lawn, it’s advisable to buy a powerful petrol lawnmower with side discharge, which can easily handle tall grass.

Best equipped, guaranteed. A large number of our SABO mowers are equipped with a high-quality chassis made of solid aluminium. This makes a SABO light on the one hand and particularly robust and durable on the other. Insofar as our red mowers have an aluminium chassis, we guarantee – in addition to the standard two-year equipment warranty – 15 years on the aluminium chassis (in accordance with SABO warranty conditions).

SABO satisfies with its solid technology and constant innovations. To ensure our high-quality standards, all SABO models are regularly put through their paces at our factory in Gummersbach. In addition, all SABO walk-behind lawn mowers and verticutters are also tested by accredited test laboratories.

Powerful performance – even in wet grass, thanks to TurboStar™ technology.

Most of our mowers feature the SABO TurboStar™ system: it draws in extra air via a separate fan so that the grass is drawn upwards before being cut, which ensures that the clippings are optimally transported into the collection bag, even when they’re damp.

The shape of the catcher bag’s signal cloth indicates in good time when it needs to be emptied. This avoids unnecessary trips to the composter. Thanks to the TurboStar™ system, the SABO collection bag fills up to 100%.

Mulching kit as accessory

The SABO lawn mower can be converted into a mulching mower in no time at all with the mulching kit accessory. A mulching blade and an additional plug allow for easy conversion.

You can get the accessories for this from one of our SABO specialist dealers. Click here to go to the dealer locator.

What the advantages are of mulching, and whether it’s right for your lawn –find out here.

Tailored to the individual with easily adjustable handlebar and cutting height.

SABO lawn mowers can be individually adapted to your personal requirements via the handlebar height adjustment. In addition, the individual cutting height adjustment ensures that you can easily fine-tune the SABO lawn mower to your specific lawn and garden requirements with just one hand movement.

Out of the trunk or up the basement stairs – sometimes the lawn mower needs to be lifted. Practical: a sturdy carrying handle on the chassis.

SABO Compact Line Petrol Lawn Mowers

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Battery Lawn Mowers

Powerful. Quiet. Emission-free. Best results.

As lawn specialists, we know what our customers need in their gardens. Are you looking for simple and clean solutions? Then the battery lawnmowers from SABO are just the thing for you. They are effortless to operate and impress with an outstanding cutting pattern and the well-known SABO quality, their user-friendliness, durability and energy efficiency. So you can focus on what matters: your lawn.

Environmentally conscious lawn care with the SABO battery lawn mowers, which are available in three different cutting widths.

All battery models benefit from a low weight and a powerful energy source. This allows you to experience lawn mowing in a completely new way – without loud engine noises and without a cable that you have to keep in sight at all times whilst mowing.

Battery lawn mowers are ideal for lawns of 250 to 700 square meters – even in gardens with trees, shrubs or flowering plants, as there is no need to carry a cable. Ideal for those who appreciate quiet, light and manoeuvrable mowing without local emissions.

SABO Lawn Mowers with Battery Drive

Your benefits:

  • Light, agile and flexible
  • Quiet, relaxed mowing
  • No operating fluids necessary: No oil, spark plug or air filter change
  • Easy handling during stowage and winter storage
  • No local emissions and low-wear mechanics
  • Easy to maintain

A reliable partner for garden maintenance

A brushless electric engine is used in our battery lawnmowers. This is extremely low-noise and energy-efficient, and also guarantees virtually wear-free use, therefore saving time-consuming maintenance work. The 40-volt lithium-ion batteries provide sufficient power for excellent cutting results and have an impressively long service life.

The right machine for every requirement

The battery lawn mowers from SABO are available in four versions. The hobby gardener can choose between different cutting widths and drives, so they get the optimal solution for their needs.

With a cutting width of 40 centimetres, the SABO 40-ACCU can cope with lawns of up to 400 square metres. The 19.5 kilogram battery-powered mower is agile and easy to manoeuvre, while also standing out with its high mowing and catching performance. The cutting height can be easily adjusted and the 44 litre collecting bag offers sufficient space for a long mowing operation.

SABO 43-Accu

The SABO 43-ACCU is the largest battery mower with an impressive 43 centimetre cutting width. Combined with the powerful lithium-ion battery, it is suitable for maintaining up to 500 square meters of lawn.

A clean cut is guaranteed even in tall grass: The six-stage central height adjustment allows cutting heights between 22 and 80 millimetres. The catcher bag volume is generously dimensioned at 55 litres, and the robust aluminium chassis in proven SABO quality makes the mower extremely solid.

SABO Compact Line Battery Lawn Mowers

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